A School for Virunga’s Children

In order to improve the living situation of the local population it is necessary to provide a good education for their children. By extension, this will also contribute to the sustainable protection of the last nature reserves on our planet. The project “A School for Virunga’s Children” seeks to establish partnerships with schools in the Western world. The aim is for these partner schools to support schools in Virunga with financial and material donations and to establish active contact between students across continents. Project manager Marlene Zähner and her team of rangers will monitor the situation in Virunga and guarantee direct contact to local schools.

Here is an example: The preschool level of the school in Rumangabo ran out of funds at the end of 2013. The school did not have a building and could no longer afford to pay its teachers. We found a great partner for the school in Rumangabo in the Lise-Meitner-Gymnasium (LMG) grammar school in Böblingen. The students of the LMG support the school in Rumangabo with an annual sum raised through their charitable Christmas market. The school in Rumangabo now has a small but pretty building and employs four teachers to educate the children.

But this school is only one of many in and around the park. Please contact us if your school is interested in becoming a partner school or if you would like to donate for this project.