Orphans in Rugari

Passy Mahano cannot bear to see children suffer. She gave up her job in Goma and used her own money as well as donations given by locals (despite their own poverty) to provide a home, a school and food to 37 young orphans. The conditions at the orphanage are heartbreaking, but the children who are helped by Passy Mahano are lucky compared to children in other regions, who are forced to live on the street. There is no support from the government.

We have visited Passy and the children.

Bedroom, with 3 beds for 20 children.


Dining room for 37 children (there is not enough room at the table for all of them).

Outdoor kitchen (food has to be rationed towards the end of the month).

Children pray before meals.

Since then, a lot has happened. We are visiting and supporting the orphans of Rugari on a regular base. As it is, we are the only financial source Passy has. The orphans have moved in a slightly bigger house, still no inside walls, no running water or elecricity. Toilette and shower needed to be added, food, clothing, beds, school material, medical care, everything needs to be provided. And they number of children is growing steadily.




What is needed:

Regular expenses:
CHF 550 / month for food, mostly beans and potatoes
CHF 100 / child and year for school fees (not including school uniforms and books: another CHF 50)

One-off expenses:

If you want to support the orphanage or sponsor a child or a teenager you can donate directly to one of our accounts, use the Easy Button and/or contact me personally. Please let us know for which purpose you would like to make a donation or which child or teenager you would like to sponsor.

Thank you very much!
Dr. med. vet. Marlene Zähner