Our Objectives

The DodoBahati* Foundation was founded in the autumn of 2014 with the aim of contributing to the protection of wildlife and nature reserves all over the world and actively supporting projects that share these objectives.

The foundation supports and promotes the development and implementation of measures for the protection of nature and animals, especially the protection of wildlife in nature reserves and national parks all over the world.

For these purposes the foundation carries out the following tasks:

1. Launching, supporting and developing projects and measures to protect wildlife all over the world, especially from poaching. This is done by:
a) training and educating wildlife wardens / rangers and staff of nature reserves,
b) training animals (such as dogs, horses, etc.) that can be employed to protect wildlife (this also includes the keeping and veterinary treatment of said animals),
c) creating new protected areas and sanctuaries for wildlife,
d) developing species conservation projects, especially projects for the preservation of wildlife species with the aim of rebuilding a healthy population in the wild.

2. Supporting social projects and measures in and around nature reserves that aim to improve the quality of life of the local population, e.g. by creating jobs, providing education and offering meaningful recreational activities.

*The name DodoBahati is a combination of “Dodo”, a type of bird that was extinct in the 17th century, and “Bahati”, which means “chance” in Swahili.